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encompass a variety of different things from response to treatment of students to you know how to react in different situations. so the current memorandum of understanding outlines a variety of things so it is not only going to be updating what exists but adding to some of the issues over the last several years. >> i don't think that our mou has been updated since chief fong has been here, and that is what brought it up in the first place is that the change over and now the second chief we wanted to make sure that there was clear communication and a good understanding of how we deal with issues that involve the police in our schools >> october 25th is the meet meetings. >> i think that this is a important subject because it
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really outlines the police presence at schools and what kevin mentioned just in looking at it looks like 95 percent of it has to be written over. we have new procedures in place and we are looking at our restorative practice and how it is working and one important thing is that it was getting all of the community members on board with it. and that we have a new way that is much less punitive and much more restorative and that is ongoing and it would be great to get the input off of our student advisory council if you would like to bring this up, i think that it would be great to have input from you. >> i am just curious, in regards to our own process for the school board to look at the language and the issues involved in that, it is one thing to bring it into a joint committee, but which committee would be looking into this? is this the rules committee?
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>> commissioner murase? >> commissioner? you make sure that this is on some future agenda. >> yes. >> i will. >> okay. let's go on to the next report which is the report on augmented curriculum and program committees commissioner fewer. >> we had an update on the graduation requirements similar to what we discussed at the select committee meeting. looking at who is on track to graduating and who is not on track to graduate and also we looked at some special education and disproportionalty of african americans in special education and the education disability category of emotional disturbance. and it was, you know, pretty
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depressing stuff. we had some very interesting data. we asked for more data on it. i think that it is definitely an issue that we must tackle this year and make some improvement or we will never, ever be able to close our racial achievement gap. so this is imperative and dr. blonco was prompt in sending us information that we requested in that meeting and that is about our non-public school placement who with that population looks like and for what disability that we say that we can't serve these students, you know that costs us as a district. i think about $15 million every year. and so, again, disproportionate, african americans and non-public school placement automobile. and so, i commend the staff, though for bringing this and giving us the data for it and being able to own this
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information and i just wanted to also mention that the update on the a-g requirements, we are getting data, it should be available this friday as promised to the commissioners and the updated information on the a-g graduation requirement. and again, if you would not mind, dr. crawford when we get that information, the updated one that is coming to us this friday, that we would also give it to our student delegate and also the parent advisory council. thank you. >> commissioner fewer if i may comment, and commend along with you our special education staff. and superintendent carranza, that you must know that they are not shying away from these tough issues and things that we have noted have gone on for many, many years. and i am certain across the districts across the country but that we are tackling this and willing to look at
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ourselves with a clear lensand look at how we can repair this damage to the students and their families. i appreciate the department with dr. blonco's leadership. so thank you very much. >> thank you and we also had a committee as a whole meeting and again, vice president norton could not be here tonight, so i am going to ask superintendent to give a brief report >> thank you, president yee and the members of the board of education. so the committee of the whole was really the first for this academic year is to understand what the district is doing about strengthening the industrial core for all students. so we talked a little bit about the common core state standards in the english language arts and in mathematics and we also talked about what the district's portfolio will be for this year and the remainder of the year for teachers and
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para professional and administrators. and again it was the first of many conversations that we will have this year around the instructional core and the standards and we talked about what the assessments looked like and the ones that go with the state standards. but it was a preliminary conversation and we received valuable feedback from the board in terms of some parent-friendly language that you would like to see. we also heard very strongly from the board that there is a modocom of information that we feel that we need to put out to the public in general around or laying the groundwork for the broader instruction but i think that it was a productive committee as a whole and just the beginning of many conversation to come. >> thank you. superintendent. >> the next report is augmented budget and business services committee. commissioner mendoza. >> thank you. >> so we went through our regular administrative approved kresolutions.
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we had the state budget update in particular the prop 30 contingentcy plan and so there is a list of items that we will look at should prop 30 not pass. and then there was a presentation prepared for the mandated cost block grant. but we decided to hold off on that presentation because it was requested by commissioner wynn and we wanted to make sure that she was present and there was no urgency in it. but it sounds like there is good news in that. we got a little taste of. and then we had an update on some potential support that will or that is expected to be introduced by commissioner kim on a supplemental appropriation from the city. >> i am sorry, what did i call her? >> supervisor. >> commissioner. >> and then we had a conversation about some potential future agenda items.
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i think that one of the things that deputy superintendent lee and i are working on trying to do is to have regular update sos that we are not trying to cram everything in april and may when we are making decisions around the budget but instead start highlighting the pieces and having conversations around some of the key issues. and so he has sent that list, we will be sending that list to all of you, and we would appreciate it if you would just run through it and see if there are particular items of interest that could help you think about what the next budget cycle will be looking like. >> great. thank you. >> i just wanted to thank you for the... i just got tonight, i mean that i just picked up out of my mail box the report of the mandated costs issue of the item that i requested and i don't... i mean that i am going to guess that nobody is thinking about this but i am going to hope that the community should be thinking about this and so i think that
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we should be announcing that our district is... did meet the deadline and is applying for the mandate cost block grant a new way of paying the states' mandates that have been proposed so we will discuss it in more length and in more depth and get more information out. but we are not, not doing that. so that is the good news. >> commissioner fewer? >> so, deputy superintendent lee, would you mind in three or four sentences what is our contingentcy plan? >> well, yeah, it is let me try. so i think that the information that was shared with the budget and businesses service committee just in summary terms, the estimate of the impact of prop 30 not passing,
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is about $23 million for the district this is the fiscal year, 2012-2013 that would buy the provisions of the state budget act that was enacted and preidentifies what the impact would be on various components on the state budget and k12 cutses have been identified or the magnitude of cuts have been identified and in our case, it would be about $23 million, this is for the district and the county functions. so what we share with the budget and service committees were just some high-level, high-level thoughts about an outline of the contingentcy plan that we would be forced to implement. so the biggest item is $9.9 million of savings that would come from a reduction of the school calendar by five days, so five forced closure days that are outlined in our
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collective bargaining agreement with united educators of san francisco and those dates have actually been included in our bargaining agreement. and so that is the single biggest item. in your consent agenda tonight there was an item about the financial statements for 2011-2012 and the ending fund balance for fy1112 was $4.7 million higher than what had been assumed in the budget that was... that the board adopted for fq 1213. so that will help. and there is another $1.5 million from the item that was just discussed about the mandate block grant. and there are details behind each of these items but respect to the block grant i will say
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for now because of this very unpredictable set of processes that the state has used for years, for example, subjecting district claims for mandate reimbursement to very unpredictable, and sort of unreasonable, i think is the point of view of most districts about audits for the mandate claim reimburse amount process and such. for years we have not budgeted mandated cost until they were actually received in hand. and there are a lot of good reasons for that. but in any case, that is about a million and a half dollars that we can now count on as a result of the state changing its practices or offering the districts another option for recovering reimbursement for those mandated activity and that is about a million and a half dollars. and the next item is in our outline of the plan was $6.5 million of cuts, major cuts or
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savings from hiring or expenditure freezes that we have not, allocated and that would be the heavy lifting, all of this is heavy lifting but to the extend that we have not, identified, the savings that will need to be identified to maintain the two percent reserve and so that was an item that we shared with the budget committee and i think that the last item was $400,000. of revenues to some extend speculative but we identified $400,000 as a target for additional revenues. so for example, we are district-wide making a big push to increase our collection of recovered funds for our medical reimbursements and unrestricted funds which are called the ma part of our reimbursements. there is a lot of information that is going out to school
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sites and district offices that include individual responsibilities for documenting activities that are reimbursable and so in our outline we put a target of $400,000 for steps like that, not just medical reimbursement but other steps to include and recover additional revenues. >> so that was in the nutshell what we shared. i think that each of you have received in your mail boxes just a one-page hand out that we used for that discussion, and should prop 30 not be successful, sorry to startle you commissioner mendoza, should prop 30 not be successful, then we would certainly need to accelerate our conversations around that contingentcy plan including that $6 and a half million dollars.
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>> are there any announcements in terms of meeting dates for the next two weeks? >> i think that we had one schedule. >> 17th. the third wednesday? >> >> i think that we had a committee meeting schedule for october 17th. >> building and grounds meets on october 15th. >> budget committee will next meet on november 7th. >> okay. thank you. >> item t, report of closed session actions? >> closed session, action of october second, 201 2:singer the board by 7 aye and two absents. norton and wynns approved the contract to one program administrator. item u, other informational item. posted in the agenda is a staff report on a quarterly report on williams uniform complaints
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july through september 2012. >> the meeting is now ajournd. >> >> >> good morning, good morning, i am charlette shults and behalf of mayor lee, we welcome you to this occasion that we have been waiting for for six years because the mayor of paris, this occasion, we're excited that mayor delaware is here from paris, he was here
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six years ago and we have been meeting every air france flight since then waiting for you. so, the occasion has now come and we are looking forward to the mayor looking around san francisco and seeing the changes that have been made. i don't know whether -- is willie brown here? he was the one who started this some 16 years ago, i think he would have turned in this beret in order to change jobs with the mayor of paris, having gone there so many times, we also have with us tom horn who is our chairman of our sister city committee which has many exchanges which we're going hear about more of them today, mayor lee, you have been mayor for almost two years, and as you know, the mayor of paris has been mayor for 11 years,
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and look how young he is, so there's hope for you. we have just had a meeting inside and the mate -- mayor has made a promise which tom and i and matthew, we're going to make sure he keeps that promise and he says, next year, we're going to paris, so tom horn and i are going to be the advanced team, we're leaving with the mayor on a sunday when he goes back. so, may i introduce our mayor, a newer mayor than the mayor of paris but one we are proud of and we will be hoping that he is planning the trip very soon, so may i present mayor lee. [applause]. >> thank you, charlotte. >> well, thank you, everybody, for coming here today. as you can see, there was excitement in the air when the
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mayor of paris comes to san francisco and i want to welcome him, i want to welcome the council general office as well, this is an exciting moment for me, waiting 6 years since his last visit is too long, not to renew a friendship to this city which has been historic friendship and one of the most dynamic sister city relationships that we have, i noticed in our room we have other numbers of our other sister cities, manila and gosh, there's so many, cork, and other regions that also -- and our other council generals that are here today, thank you so much for coming and frn council blats for enjoying this moment, there is a lot to be gained by our sister city and especially with paris, i was informing the
11:50 am
mayor of my first trip to paris, it's bn my only trip which is why i ave to go officially, but that was 1969 was my very first trip to pear ris as a high school student, as a high school choir of high school in seattle, we raised money all yearlong for us to go, i got to visit the jazz club along the river and then i got to hear for the very first time stevie wonder saying my shari amor in paris, look it up, that's why of course mayor dell way has invited me to be making my first official visit some time next year and certainly charlotte and tom and others have jumped on the occasion, matt and everybody
11:51 am
else, but it is one of those relationships that i have understood as being one of the most porn -- important in the city, one is an international status, one we hold dearly because there's a lot to learn, each of our cities as great as they are become greater as our goals of becoming environmentally responsible, creating our opportunity for our economies to fwroe and our dialog in our country is the urban cities that have to create the new jobs for the new economy. i know paris must do so as well, and if we work tokt, we can create those and instigate and innovate our new ideas for the new economy and our mutual obligations on the environment, and then there is something that paris and san francisco hold very dearly and that's an ongoing conversation about our
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human rights as world leaders, so it's human rights, it's the environment, it's the economy and these are the reasons why we hold our relationship with paris and with all the other great cities of the world in a sister city relationship so dearly, we learn from each other, we send delegations to each other, we welcome each other to the city but in each and every instance, we are always thinking about ideas about how we can help each other and help regions improve, so i am excited to have met with the mayor just a few minutes ago to reaffirm our relationship and we'll sign that in a few moments to document that and to promise each other that we will continue this very great relationship and we could not have done it without the involvement of our private citizens, tom horn has led a
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fantastic group of volunteers on our sister city committee for paris and san francisco, and he's doing a marvelous job and this again reflects how our citizenry helps our city become a better city with these sister city relationships and again i want to thank you and the audience too who are volunteers in our -- i really, really thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a great part of our soul of our cities, and giving us the reasons why we can be an international city, so with that, welcome, mayor, and i look forward to not only signing the semlu, and our visits of our various government officials as well as private citizens to continue instigating wonderful ideas and implementing ideas, and with that, i would like to present to you on behalf of our city
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and to the mayor -- >> as everybody knows, we did have our 77th anniversary of the golden gate bridge, not quite as old as some of the things in paris, and so this is a set of prints, there's many of them. >> oh, i love the golden gate. >> so beautiful. >> celebrating our 77th anniversary. >> so, we give you this, in order the take it home, you have to walk across the bridge. [laughter]. >> i can do it. [laughter].
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>> thank you. >> thank you. >> of course, our pleasure. >> yes, dear friends, i'm very happy to be back in san francisco because charlotte waits for me. [laughter]. >> i [inaudible] charlotte and i don't go in san francisco six years ago, so my english is very bad, and i am going to speak french. (speaking french). >> i'm very happy to be here again. first of all, because san francisco and paris are both very great cities, american and french cities and i cannot think with great emotion that
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between the american people and the french people, history has given us the best of the friendships and our time tokt together, it called freedom, democracy, to the dignity of all human people, and certainly san francisco and paris are an emblem of the link that exists between the french and the american people. there's something very magical about san francisco, the golden gate that i know now well, but there's a style of life, there's an art of life, there's a way of living together but being different and respecting the freedom of
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each other. the other privilege for paris is we've always played a role to create a very rich and strong relationship between the two cities, but also a very useful one. [inaudible] in the past with [inaudible], the foundations of this agreement [inaudible] and i will see later on my good friends who a couple of years ago told me that he was going to celebrate his birthday in paris and he would want toez personal happy moments that he would spend a moment in city hall where i would open the doors in this symbol of this
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human tie of this individual adventure that exists so much between paris and san francisco. i have -- charlotte was a sweet person, she reminded me i was old and i was in paris now for 11 years, i had the opportunity to work with my great friend, thanks to tom horn, that's in the [inaudible] that this working relationship and eternal relationship with tom, so with the team amongst mr. lee, i could understand that the relationship between san francisco and paris is not just a friendship, it could be a very efficient relationship and i will have the pleasure tomorrow to visit various places
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where there's a common dynamic between paris and san francisco have made innovations, technology and the spirit of enterprise and all those elements together enable a concrete relationship between paris and san francisco and even remember it last time, with had a virtual highway between san francisco and paris, we started this virtual highway, it had a lot of babies and a lot of [inaudible] in paris and in san francisco was created, were developed from this common belief that we had in innovation, in research and with the need of building economic development on new technology, on new ways of

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